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“I have a superpower called Super-loving-you.”


Superpower Spring / Summer 2020 Collection embraces streetwear feel with deconstructed tailoring approach whilst following the refined minimalism. Everyone has a superpower called “Telepathy in Love.” We can see wavy lines of telepathy are prevalent throughout. It is a kind of filtered translation of “sending love signal to your beloved one” mapped around the female figure and pieces that women want to wear and feel good in. 


This is a collection that has its focus on creation of garment construction and design details with fabric limitation, and without appealing prints/graphics. This is how the collection has been developed, how it has achieved its upscale looks, and how you don’t need to confess your love, rather your beloved one will find you attractive instead.

Design Philosophy: “The mix of Conceptual Fashion and Commercial Fashion with upscale, deconstructed, layering, detachable & reversible emerge.”